Ready, Set, Innovate!

Just a few months ago, we launched The O’Briant Group, a small consultancy focused on Design Thinking and innovation. Today, as we send the O’G blog into the wild world of the internet, we’re reflecting on the values that guide us. We’re blown away by the creative potential of human beings nearly every day, and honored to guide people and organizations toward innovation that matters.

8 O’Briant Group beliefs about innovation

  1. Each human being has a creative spark that is worth cultivating
  2. We can learn to tap into our creativity
  3. Everyone is an artist; only the canvas varies
  4. Listening deeply to people brings surprises
  5. Finding innovative solutions is fun
  6. Trying stuff out helps us think and communicate clearly
  7. No matter what, we can always choose how to treat one another
  8. Just about anything is possible

Our organization coalesced around the idea that we could use Design Thinking skills and our knowledge of innovation strategy to help organizations make meaningful changes.

Over the coming months, we’ll write more about each of these 8 values. We look forward to creating an exciting, innovative future with you.

Learn more about Design Thinking and The O’Briant Group at or follow us at @obriantgroup.

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