• Quinn O'Briant, CEO & Founder

OG Turns 3 + Big Changes

Blink once, and three years pass: that’s how the first three years of O’Briant Group have felt to me. It has been the adventure of a lifetime!

Gratitude First

As I look back on these first three years, I’m deeply grateful for the clients and partners who trusted me and my team, and for the hundreds of people who explored design thinking with O’Briant Group. I’m also filled with gratitude for the mentors and fellow entrepreneurs at EOA Atlanta who offered me tools and community as I learned how to run a company.

As the pandemic continues, my heart is very much with all the dedicated educators who took the time to learn new ways to serve their students, whether through design thinking, tools like Google Classroom, the Google Applied Digital Skills curriculum, and sometimes all three. Teachers, I see you and am grateful for you and your dedicated service.

Change in OG Ownership

Part of growth is change. I am now 100% owner of O’Briant Group, leading the organization on my own as CEO and Founder. I’m deeply grateful to co-Founder Dan Guttmann for all his contributions and wish him well on his next venture.

A New Look & Logo

Thanks to our brilliant visual designer, Steven Granieri, OG has a new look. We’ve bid a fond farewell to “OG orange” and welcomed a glowing new palette of bold blues, bright yellow, and deep gray. Our new logo embodies the style, professionalism, creativity, and joy of O'Briant Group, and I couldn’t be more delighted.

One final tidbit: you might know me as Erin, but these days I’m going by my middle name, Quinn. You’ll see that name from now on.

To everyone who has been part of the adventure so far, thank you. I’m excited to find out what the coming years hold. Onward!


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