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Let's Make Good Change

Letter from the Founder

December 21, 2020

Here we are in December 2020. Many of us made it to this moment; far too many didn’t. It has been a year of profound loss for millions, and those of us who suffered only fear, despair, and isolation are among the fortunate.

Like many people, I imagined a different 2020, a year filled with prosperity, growth, well-being. Yet this virus arrived and forced those of us living in the United States to confront ourselves: the deep racial injustice of our country, the consequences of running a healthcare system for profit, and the rise of a form of nationalism that echoes the rhetoric of the worst regimes in history.

How we approach the coming year will determine much of what lies ahead for us all.

Survival and Gratitude

O’Briant Group is still here by the grace of our clients and the determination of our team. We have been fortunate to help K-12 teachers and administrators teach virtually and rethink education in the face of the Covid pandemic, and to serve our corporate clients as they pivot to online innovation practices.

Even in the middle of a pandemic, hundreds of teachers joined our virtual sessions to learn how to use Google tools, including the amazing Applied Digital Skills curriculum, as effectively as possible. The intrepid educators who joined virtual sessions on redesigning education in a post-Covid world give me confidence in our future. To whatever degree our country’s children recover from the effects of this painful year, we must credit the courage and dedication of these educators, and many more like them.

This year I was grateful for the opportunity to lead our team as we helped one of the world’s most innovative companies take design sprints virtual. The logistical skills of our Program Manager, Anett Kaden, and the visual wizardry of designer Steven Granieri made that work possible.

Our VP of Education, Dr. Lee Green, and the team of smart, skilled facilitators he leads made the pivot to virtual without missing a beat. I’m honored to work with each of them.

I’m grateful for the work of our Georgia State University Graduate Fellow, Nick Romano, who interviewed educators to document teaching during the Covid pandemic and wrote about their experiences on our blog.

Let’s Make Good Change

LIke everyone and everything after this year, we at O’Briant Group are not the same. This year I became the sole owner of O’Briant Group. We went 100% virtual. We rebranded, launching a vibrant new color scheme and website.

Most important, our focus shifted to meet the needs of our community and clients. Our new tagline, Let’s Make Good Change, encapsulates the O’Briant Group company philosophy. We help people envision and create a positive future. From leadership visioning sessions to design thinking consulting to tactical tools training, O’Briant Group is a dedicated force for good.

Here’s to 2021. Let’s make good change!

Quinn O'Briant

CEO and Founder, O’Briant Group LLC

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