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OG's Covid-19 Survival Guide to Google Classroom

The most common, urgent request we’ve heard from administrators lately is for help training teachers on Google Classroom. With educators scrambling to ensure student success, we’re facing an unprecedented need for online learning tools and expertise.

The Google experts on the O’Briant Group team have helped out where they could and wanted to make that help as widely available as possible. That’s why we created this skills-focused 45-minute webinar for teachers: The Covid-19 Survival Guide to Google Classroom.

The webinar is hosted by Dr. Lee Green, VP of Education at O’Briant Group. Not only is he an expert on Google tools, he’s also a classroom teacher navigating the pandemic in the K-12 world.

In the session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set up Google Classroom for student success (and yours!)

  • Create engaging, meaningful assessments

  • Make Classroom work for you with custom settings

  • Communicate and share with students and stakeholders

  • Grade quickly and efficiently

Given the challenges that we’re all facing with COVID-19 and how it specifically impacts teaching and learning, the OG team wanted to make this session available to as many educators as possible.

We hope you’ll share it widely with anyone who might benefit from the extra support.

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