• Quinn O'Briant, CEO & Founder

10 Things I Believe About Creativity (And You)

By Quinn O'Briant

  1. Like all humans, you are a born storyteller.

  2. Maybe someone said you aren't creative. That person is wrong. Feel free to tell them so.

  3. You are embedded in and essential to a vast generative system. Trees, dirt, stars, baby koalas, the Grand Canyon -- you’re part of it.

  4. You are descended from thousands of creative geniuses, whether you know who they are or not.

  5. When you were a child, you were a genius at divergent thinking. You can reclaim that genius as an adult. I believe this so strongly that the O’Briant Group team made a video about it.

  6. Think about what you've helped create in your life so far: ideas, experiences, relationships, maybe even other humans. You can apply the same transformative creative processes to other parts of your life.

  7. Fear usually thwarts creative expression. Most humans struggle to create when in fight-freeze-or-flee mode.

  8. Small humans discover the world through play. Grown humans can do the same by cultivating exploration and play amid all their responsibilities.

  9. Creativity is broader than you think. Whether you channel it into banjo picking, modern dance, starting a business, omelet-making, or sidewalk graffiti, it all counts. The more you create, the more you will become able to create.

  10. You don't need to be good at creativity any more than you need to be good at breathing. Both are inherent to your life force.


Quinn O’Briant is founder and president of the O’Briant Group, a pioneering design thinking consultancy that helps clients from Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs create sustainable, scalable change in their organizations.

A recognized expert in creativity and human-centered innovation, Erin is a two-time author, former English professor, and ex-Googler. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College and a Master of Liberal Arts from Stanford University.

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