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Free Webinar: Survival Guide to Google Classroom

Developed for K-12 teachers by the O'Briant Group experts

Teachers, Help Is Here!

One of the most urgent needs for teachers today is ramping up on Google tools. To help, we've created the Covid-19 Survival Guide to Google Classroom. This 45-minute webinar is hosted by VP of Education and Google expert Dr. Lee Green. He covers how to: 

  • Set up Google Classroom for student success (and yours!)

  • Create engaging, meaningful assessments

  • Make Classroom work for you with custom settings

  • Communicate and share with students and stakeholders

  • Grade quickly and efficiently

As part of our contribution to the well-being of teachers, students, and schools, this webinar is available at no cost during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Please share this page with anyone else you think might benefit. 

Google Classroom Tipsheet

Quick Help for Teachers

Our downloadable tip sheet includes info and screenshots on:

  • Stream Settings

  • Organization

  • Due This Week

  • Integration with Google Meet

  • Share to Classroom with Extensions