COVID-19 Survival Guide to Google Classroom Webinar

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One of the most urgent needs for teachers today is ramping up on Google tools. To help, we've created the Covid-19 Survival Guide to Google Classroom. This 45-minute webinar is hosted by VP of Education and Google expert Dr. Lee Green. He covers how to: 

  • Set up Google Classroom for student success (and yours!)
  • Create engaging, meaningful assessments
  • Make Classroom work for you with custom settings
  • Communicate and share with students and stakeholders
  • Grade quickly and efficiently

As part of our contribution to the well-being of teachers, students, and schools, this webinar is available at no cost during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Please share this page with anyone else you think might benefit from this webinar. 

Lee Green-1

Dr. Lee Green

Vice President of Education & Google Certified Trainer

Lee Green, Ed.D. is an expert in teaching with Google tools.

Join him as he shares his expertise in this engaging 45-minute survival guide to Google Classroom. 

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