Two truths that guide our approach

1. Every problem is a human problem

2. Innovation can be messy

That’s why we:

Zero in on your organization's culture

Your organization is as unique as each person in it. Our work begins with listening to your challenges and getting to know your culture. From there, we collaborate with you to build an authentic innovation program that inspires people at every level, from the bottom up and the top down.

Pay close attention to the users

We believe it: “Every problem is a human problem.” That means the only truly effective solutions are those that focus on real people’s wants and needs. Our approach to innovation starts with helping you develop an even deeper understanding of your users — the people you’re innovating for.

Focus on the process

Innovation can indeed be messy, but Design Thinking methods provide a structure that makes the process repeatable. People who work with us discover that they can rely on the methods we teach for ongoing innovation that helps them stay flexible as our world changes.