This Is the Human Side of Innovation 

"The O’Briant group has accelerated our IT culture transformation this year in two significant ways. They introduced and trained my IT leaders on Design Thinking techniques through several successful workshops. 

And most recently, they facilitated a very successful session with my IT leaders and our culture council, in order to identify several practical and pragmatic changes to our management systems and communications that will improve our productivity and decision making times immediately.”

Willam VanCuren, SVP and CIO NCR


"Our 'Day of Learning' about design was creative, informative, and fun. I am grateful for your careful planning and organized approach. The GaDOE team extended many kudos for the session, saying that they especially liked the emphasis on using empathy to understand the experience of our 'customers.'"

Dr. Caitlin Dooley, Associate Superintendent, Teaching and Learning Georgia Department of Education

Dr. Caitlin Dooley
"Partnering with the O’Briant Group is like having a staff of design thinking experts on your team. They practice what they teach by listening carefully and customizing a solution to meet your needs. Their passion for the work and for making meaningful change shines through. I can’t recommend them enough!" 

Jackie Breiter Taxconnex, LLC

"Our school leaders have successfully used the design thinking process you taught them to develop activities to enhance safety and improve the well-being of our students. Our discussions, along with the prototypes we developed, left an impression on everyone who attended. It was most likely the best retreat we have ever had!" 

Dr. Susan Kincannon Belton Independent School District, Texas


“[The O’Briant Group has] helped our district not only to reach into deeper levels of innovation but to also truly start talking about things we need to be discussing and figuring out [how we] can better serve kids, families, and the staff of Prosper ISD."

Holly Ferguson Prosper Independent School District